Hi there,

I see you stumbled upon my little piece of online space. Welcome! Why don’t you make yourself at (online) home and let’s build some relationship? I’m right here with a mug of coffee in front of me. What are you having?

Click around, read, get in touch and whatever you do, please share what you find interesting. Many of the photos you’ll come across are my own, so if you happen to like some of them, all you have to do is ask, or else… Have to work on this part, haven’t thought it through yet.

I categorised my website and although this may prove to be a mistake, what you should do to find your way around in a jiffy is search categories. Here’s a brief overview, given in the same alphabetical order as in the drop-down menu in the sidebar:

Blogging Stuff – everything that I do related to this blog; social media, resources that I use, affiliate marketing practices, Pinterest, email and newsletter, all of it.

Books – what I read, what I review, what I write.

Feel Good Food – recipes and other food and cooking related posts.

Random – self-explanatory.

Self Love – covers all sorts, from how I learned to take care of myself and what I do in that respect mentally and physically, trough tips on how to keep focus, work from home, be stay at home mom that is good to herself to what I did with my friends on our days out. And much more.

Trauma – how I was sinking and hating and hurting and then healing and thriving.

To find out more about me and this website, hop over to my About page.

Share with me if this works for you and if it does, how. this works for you and if it works. I’d love to know.

In the meantime, if you need to, check out my fun Disclosure Policy and dry Privacy Policy.