Sleeping Sharks

via Photo Challenge: Morning


Sharks on Saturday morning in SeaQuarium in Weston-super-Mare, England.

We had a family day out last Saturday and we decided to go to the beach. My mom arrived from Serbia and her idea of ‘a day on the beach’ entails sunny, dry, breezy and 35+ Celsius on the Adriatic or Aegean sea with no sharks. That day, she was introduced to a completely different day-on-the-beach idea: we arrived to a windy, cloudy, 22 Celsius weather. After coffee on the beach and a tour around the Sand Sculpture Festival where we had brunch too, we walked over to what seemed like a tiny seaquarium. Talking about the wrong impressions… That’s where we tossed a few sharks into the event too :).

Is this the usual Saturday morning for these sharks and do they like to sleep in, I am not sure. We nearly missed them as they were stretched motionless on the glass top of the small walk-in gallery. I looked up and that is when I spotted them. Kids were thrilled as it was the first time for us to see the sharks sleeping. It almost makes them appear less dangerous. Almost.

It may be the usual Saturday morning for the sharks, but it certainly was not the usual for our kids or their grandma. As for my husband and me, we had our share of unusual mornings, but that would go under a different challenge, or a series of challenges even…




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