Hi, I’m Biljana.

 From Teaching to War Zones

Upon finishing high school, I studied Classical Science to become a teacher. Teaching was my ultimate dream job. I always thought that teaching would allow me to impact other peoples’ lives in a positive and long-lasting way.

However, in my early twenties, I found myself on the job in the United Nations and instead of Biljana, the teacher, I became Biljana, the interpreter and later aid worker.  It was the beginning of a very exciting 11-years long career in international development. Those were the years when I worked the hardest in my life, travelled extensively and created life long friendships with some of the most amazing people. All this enriched me with countless personal and professional experiences ranging from surreal through rewarding to exulting and ultimately tragic.

Alt= Biljana Hutchinson, aid worker in Prizren
Working with German development agency in Prizren, Kosovo in 2006.

In 2010, my career was abruptly interrupted by a near-death experience that shattered my life as I knew it as well as my system of values. I needed to heal and I took time off of everything to start my own family.

From Mother to Entrepreneur

I became Biljana Hutchinson, the mother. The combination of healing and being a new mum was a complex and unpredictable one. It allowed me to extensively explore my inner self and to expand my mental strength to unexpected levels.

Alt=Biljana Hutchinson, the mother
I love watching them exploring the world. In Bristol Aquarium, 2015.

I was exclusively a mum to my two children for five years. Enjoying my family life on a daily basis got me to thinking about my professional future. I realised that I do not wish to return to my career in international development as I would have to work long hours in the office, under a lot of pressure and thus, a lot of stress. It would also require me to travel to non-family-friendly places and be away from my family for longer time spans.

 So, I embarked on a search for a business that would be financially sound but give me the freedom to work from home and at the same time allow me to tailor it to my busy mum schedule. Starting a business that provides me with all that I needed and more was challenging but rewarding, intensive but freeing. So, I became Biljana Hutchinson, an entrepreneur.

This blog is about sharing my story and the experience of personal development and thriving.  Living life fully is not only possible after a tragedy, but desirable.


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