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For those of you who follow, you know that the working title of the book was In Extremis. A close friend of mine who worked with me on it from the beginning which was almost three years ago came up with the title, I loved it, and we were even contemplating on keeping it for publishing.

Then, I stopped writing for different reasons for about two years. Earlier this year, in March, when I decided to finish the book and thus wrap up the last six years of my life, I googled the title and a list of eight (?!), not one, not two but eight different books with the same title opened up before me.

At the time, Ivana was already working on the book cover, and she came up with that beautiful first one, that is still my favourite, the white one with poppies that resemble blood stains around the gunshot wounds.


About Page, Book cover and what else can you expect from my blog, Biljana Hutchinson
Book cover. Still working on the book…


‘I have to change the title’, I said to Ivana and so the email exchange started. Ivana understood and was able to quickly translate everything that I gave her into that beautiful cover that you can see now with the new title.

At the moment, there are 30 000 words in the manuscript, and there will be about or up to 20 000 more. Updates on the writing to continue as writing continues…

How do you like the cover?



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