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ย Pink Mist at Bristol Old Vic


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If there is one theatre play you want to watch this year, make it this one.

It is verse-drama that deals with theย timeless human cost of war, with young people’s desire to belong and with love, acceptance, guilt… Tremendously important and beautiful in performance.

For me it was as emotional and personal as inspirational.

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alt= snaccident dates


One of my favourite snacks: dates in all shapes and forms. Dates in almonds, dates in pistachios, dates in chocolate, dates, dates, dates.

Did I mention that I love dates? I LOVE dates. That’s how I had a snaccident…

*Snaccidentย (n) – Eating an entire pizza/box of chocolates/family size bag of crisps by mistake.

What is your favourite snack?


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Tick Off the Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List? My Bucket List fluctuates as there are things that I cross off as accomplished but there are things that I add because I find them interesting and I’d like to try them or take part in them.

Parachute jump was one of the biggest things for me to achieve. It’s been on my Bucket List for quite some time and somehow I always thought that it would be too complicated to pull off.

alt= tick off the bucket list
With the help of the amazing Red Devils team, proud to tick this off of my Bucket List!
My husband and I  never shared our bucket lists in full with each other but when, a few years back, I learned that my husband to be was in British parachute regiment, I did mention that I’d like to parachute jump.

The clouds live  ๐Ÿ™‚
Fast forward a few years to the early 2016 and one evening, my husband asks me out of the blue if I’d like to do a parachute jump! What?! Where did that come from?! YES!!! He explains that some of his friends are in the Red Devils team and that I can do jump, i.e. tandem skydiving with them if I wanted to.

If I wanted to?!?! I’D LOVE TO! We get on arranging THE jump straight away, but at the time we could not match my availability with theirs, so we left it for a while. Until one Monday eve in October. My husband checks his phone and asks me if I was still up for a parachute jump. You bet I am!

Wednesday? he asks nonchalantly.

Wednesday? This Wednesday?!  (Panic. I didn’t expect to be on the schedule that fast!) Hmmm… Ok… this Wednesday…  I’ll do it. I think… What do I need to do? What should I wear? What should I do?!

Screw it! I’ll jump!

The fall through the clouds
The Wednesday came and we headed to the airfield. I was nervous, excited, scared. The guys were amazing, though. I went through the ground training, got suited up and waited for the take off time.

The scariest part of the ground training was when the instructor explained that I will be hooked up to his front and that he will be sitting at the edge of the door. I’ll let that sink for a second… If he sits at the edge of the door, that means that I am hanging off the plane, hooked to his front with my legs bent below the plane. I’m outside of the plane at the height of 13000 feet!

WTF, I know, right?!
I got on the flight and was so nervous that I couldn’t talk but I couldn’t take the smile off of my face. At least I think that was the case…

On the way up…
The jump was a mindblowing experience! The adrenalin rush, the astonishment! I was screaming with the thrill!

The view from the parachute
I will go back and do it again and I know it will be even better. My husband is entertaining the idea of both of us completing the freefall course so we can jump together. I liked getting out of my comfort zone so I play with that idea too…


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With Shakespeare & Butterflies

I wanted to go to Stratford-upon-Avon ever since we moved back to England, but had my opportunity only yesterday. It’s the time of summer holidays and like most of the days, it was one of our days out, so we went. The weather was beautiful in the Land of Cadbury, we packed snacks, checked the route and went.


Stratford is a medieval town in England’s West Midlands and I heard about it for the first time in my first year of high school, the first time I read Shakespeare. I believe it was Romeo and Juliet, though I may be wrong as it was a long time ago, but it was for school, literature class. I didn’t get into it straight away, I liked Romeo and Juliet, but didn’t want to read the rest of his opus straight away. I was too busy being a teenager. Reading Shakespeare continued throughout the years in school, then in my own time and that is how I got to like more and more of his plays but also sonnets.


There were no adaptations or Shakespeare for children when I was a kid, at least not where I grew up. A few months ago, I bought The Shakespeare Stories for my children, adapted for children and illustrated and they loveย them, especially my daughter. I also have two mugs, one with Shakespeare love quotes and the other with insults, with Shakespeare’s portrait, then there is a small bust of him in my little office corner, so when I asked my kids shall we go and see where little Will was born, they shouted Yeees! expecting to see William in person and probably play with him.


Our first stop was Shakespeare Centre. The Birthplace of the Bard, the museum with the little shelf of published translations of plays and sonnets in different languages, including Serbian, exhibition of Shakespeare and friends, opportunity to take a selfie with Shakespeare, cardboard version but still, and then there was a souvenir shop that actually was a bookstore, as expected. Now, that was something – there were plays singled out and collections, sonnets, books of quotes, colouring books with quotes, manga Shakespeare, activity books for kids, sticker books, you name it. Plus the usual souvenir stuff, keyrings, playing cards, fridge magnets and whatnot. It took all my strength and inhuman effort not to spend a fortune in that bookstore. All of it and a little more.


We had a coffee and the Best in the World Carrot Cake on the corner of Magic Alley and Henley Street, right in front of the Wizard’s Thatch that has Magical Museum inside.


Just to keep it adventurous enough and play it safe for toddlers, we went to the Stratford Butterfly Farm and experienced beautiful and surreal adventure with butterflies landing on our hands, heads, shoulders and flowers in our hands. It was amazing!


If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, Stratford-upon-Avon is so worth a visit.


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Sleeping Sharks

via Photo Challenge: Morning


Sharks on Saturday morning in SeaQuarium in Weston-super-Mare, England.

We had a family day out last Saturday and we decided to go to the beach. My mom arrived from Serbia and her idea of ‘a day on the beach’ entails sunny, dry, breezy and 35+ Celsius on the Adriatic or Aegean sea with no sharks. That day, she was introduced to a completely different day-on-the-beach idea: we arrived to a windy, cloudy, 22 Celsius weather. After coffee on the beach and a tour around the Sand Sculpture Festival where we had brunch too, we walked over to what seemed like a tiny seaquarium. Talking about the wrong impressions… That’s where we tossed a few sharks into the event too :).

Is this the usual Saturday morning for these sharks and do they like to sleep in, I am not sure. We nearly missed them as they were stretched motionless on the glass top of the small walk-in gallery. I looked up and that is when I spotted them. Kids were thrilled as it was the first time for us to see the sharks sleeping. It almost makes them appear less dangerous. Almost.

It may be the usual Saturday morning for the sharks, but it certainly was not the usual for our kids or their grandma. As for my husband and me, we had our share of unusual mornings, but that would go underย a different challenge, or a series of challenges even…