Disclosure Policy

I am Biljana Hutchinson, and I am an Amazon affiliate. (The voices in the room gently chant Hi, Biljana). I receive a percentage of the purchase price on anything you buy through one of the Amazon links on my website, including purchases you make while on Amazon, that I did not link to directly. The percentage I receive has no effect on the price you pay whatsoever.

Now, I need to place this Disclosure visibly on my website, so I don’t have to worry about one reason why the Federal Trade Commission would come after me — the other being the fact that I am not a US citizen. Anyway, I know the FTC will appreciate me being nice. This can also serve as a friendly reminder to support this website of mine by starting all your Amazon shopping here. Cheers!

I also receive review copies of books that I post about. So far, all of these books were in electronic format saved on my Kindle. In case I receive hardback or paperback copies, I will donate them, depending on the appropriateness, to either public Library in Bristol, UK or my children’s primary school.

One more thing, all the affiliate links on my website will be to the products that I use and trust now or have been in the past, for two reasons. 1. I know what I’m talking about (in most cases), and 2. so, we can chat about it and, you can tell me that I am full of crap, after you try the product yourself and don’t like it.

In case I become a part of another affiliate network, this is the place where I will update you on it.

Now that I’ve complied with Amazon rules and the federal regulations of a country that I don’t live in, how about a little shopping over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. G&T, maybe?

Here’s the update. I became a part of a few more Affiliate Marketing Platforms, and I would like you to know about them all. Also, you can join them by clicking on the links below or clinking over to my Resources page. Cheers!

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