Health Tips, Myths and Tricks by Morton E. Tavel, MD Review

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Health Tips, Myths and Tricks by Morton E. Tavel MD. Find some of the most searched answers about health, wellness and nutrition in one place. Ever wandered should you eat breakfast or if chocolate is good for you? Want to find out the truth about artificial sweeteners? And more? Read this book and my review, while you're at it.

Health Tips, Myths and Tricks, A Physician’s Advice by Morton E. Tavel, MD is a book that answers the most popular questions about food, health and fitness at this age of the internet. We all googled at least one of the issues explained in this book at least once in our adult life.

The book is user-friendly mainly in two ways. First, Dr Tavel writes in an easily readable, so-called plain English for all with no medical background to understand and absorb. Second, it is written to be read either from cover to cover or, more likely, in small chunks as a lexicon. A reader can scroll down the well structured laid out table of content, find a question of interest and read only the required chapter.

Dr Tavel’s guide consists of 62 chapter divided into three parts. The first part is packed with Tips on health and wellness that readers can learn and then apply to their daily life not only to improve wellbeing and, say, lose weight but also to save money. One can read what a good breakfast is and what are the benefits of it; are the coffee and chocolate good or bad; or what is the truth about olive oil and artificial sweeteners.

In the second part of the book, Dr Tavel debunks the Myths, so the reader can finally find out the facts about energy drinks or fortified food; or should we buy organic food and who should follow the gluten-free diet.

The third part is about the Tricks used in marketing to extract the money from the consumer in exchange for a questionable product that is, in many cases, useless and in some cases could be even dangerous. The Tricks cover the examples of dietary supplements, alkaline water, body detoxification methods, and much more.

The most compelling part for me was the third part that explains and teaches us how the scams are done but also how to search for information, critically question the presented ‘facts’ and how and where to verify these ’facts’.

Health Tips, Myths and Tricks contains a tremendous amount of research data presented in a conversational but methodical way that is easy to adapt and digest. It is a practical read with concise chapters and actionable advice.

I give Health Tips, Myths and Tricks 3 out of 4 stars because some of the examples contained unnecessary details but I do recommend this book to everyone who wants necessary information on some of the most searched questions of modern-day health, wellness and nutrition. In the end, I will mention the unfortunate cover too. I would strongly revise the book cover in case of the next edition.


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