Personal Development



Personal development is a multi-billion dollar and recession-proof booming industry. In the past decade, the global success of the book and movie The Secret brought the idea of personal growth and personal development into the average person’s daily life.

The market for self-help and personal growth products such as books, webinars, DVDs, courses and events is one of the most consistent expanding industries in the today’s economy. Everyone, at one stage of their lives or another, is eager to learn how to get more out of life, earn more money and improve their general wellbeing.


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Do you feel as if you haven’t reached your full potential yet? Do you feel that there is more to your life journey but you are not sure how to achieve it?

Open Magical Self believes personal development is reaching the clarity of purpose that allows you to discover the abundance within you and guide you on your personal journey of self-discovery to an authentic life.

Personal development and growth is about empowering and living a life full of vibrancy, freedom and purpose. The ultimate aim of personal growth and development is to learn life skills to unlock the power of your mind and transform the life you live now into the life you desire.

Open Magical Self can support your journey of personal transformation and help you grasp what you really want to achieve. We have the tools to help you unlock your full potential and education to help you improve and reach prosperity in

  • your life
  • your finances
  • your relationships
  • your health
  • your wealth.

We believe that we all have the right to an opportunity to know and live our full potential. Why not start today?


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