Letter To Women Of My Life

Letter To Women of My Life, Honouring the ladies that have influenced me. Humbled to know them and proud of them. #InternationalWomensDay2018 #women #girlpower #womenrock


Today is March 8, International Women’s Day. The first time this Day was observed was not that long ago, 1909 in New York on February 28, but it was not until 1914 that March 8 was set as International Women’s Day. Throughout the past century or so there has been many controversies, marches, political arrests, scandals, bans, strikes and protests starting on or around this day but I will not go through the history and discuss them.

Instead, Dear Women, I would like to celebrate all of you I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. You took part in my life at various times and occasions, some only once, some more than once and some of you came in and became a regular ingredient of my days. You are spread all around the world, living and working in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mali, Uganda, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bolivia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Jordan, Nepal, Japan, Serbia but also in places like Germany, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, US, Greece…

Many of you went through hell and back in your lives. You were political prisoners, victims of domestic violence. You were subjected to intimidation, gender, ethnic and racial discrimination and violence. You survived attacks, rape, miscarriages, exile and displacement, loss of your dearest ones to senseless crimes… but you won all the battles.


Letter To Women of My Life, Honouring the ladies that have influenced me. Humbled to know them and proud of them. #InternationalWomensDay2018 #women #girlpower #womenrock


Each and every one of you goes through your everyday lives with admirable endurance, bravery and strength and you are committed to making the world a better and safer place through your personal actions, immensely difficult jobs and immeasurable love and dedication. And you always, always do it with a smile.

Every one of you is my inspiration, and I consider myself exceptionally fortunate for being given an opportunity to cross paths with you, to work and learn from you and enjoy your company. I am tremendously grateful for that.

May every day of your life be your day.



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alt= snaccident dates


One of my favourite snacks: dates in all shapes and forms. Dates in almonds, dates in pistachios, dates in chocolate, dates, dates, dates.

Did I mention that I love dates? I LOVE dates. That’s how I had a snaccident…

*Snaccident (n) – Eating an entire pizza/box of chocolates/family size bag of crisps by mistake.

What is your favourite snack?


Bad Book or Wrong Time

Bad Book or Wrong Time, do you quit on books when you don't get hooked, Biljana Hutchinson #books #reading #BooksILike #BooksIDontLike

Is not finishing a book that you’re reading the same as not wanting to hear a story about a person that you just met? And if it is, does this make you feel bad?


When I was younger, I read books to the end, even if I didn’t like them for whatever reason, they were boring, I didn’t really understand them, I found them illogical, it doesn’t matter – I finished them.


Then I grew older, my priorities changed, and so did my understanding of those priorities, my attitude about my time changed and so did my time management skills, for better, or so I like to think – and it started happening – I started to leave books unfinished!


I didn’t know what to think about it first and I felt really bad, but then I realized that not finishing the books I read fits into my new take on priorities and time management  – so I set up a new Don’t rule: don’t read books that you don’t feel like reading. Simple. Except that it was not – I felt terrible about not finishing a book, unless it was a horrible one, according to my classification, which is very subjective, apparently.


It doesn’t happen very often to come across a book so bad that you want to push it away. Just like with people. Rarely we come across a person that leaves such a wrong impression on us that we don’t want to have further contact with them. Once it does, we don’t feel sorry for it, do we?


So, why do I feel bad when a particular book makes me feel like I don’t want to hear its story? When it doesn’t make me feel comfortable. Why do I want to return to it?


Sometimes I would give it a second chance by leaving it for a while, thinking that maybe it was not the right time for our encounter. Like a love story between two right people who met at the wrong time – then, when it would appear to me that the time is right, I’d return to it and see how it goes. At times, it would go well. Other times, I’d put the book back on the shelf and leave it until… later. Maybe when I retire and have more time for returns…


Do books deserve a second chance?